Drip irrigation system

It is easy to ignore major problems when we are not immediately affected by them. A prime example for this is the irrigation of agricultural areas. The most advanced and efficient watering systems can be found in the Near East region. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because the region is almost all desert and […]повеќе »


It will always be easier to speak rather than take action. But there are some who make amazing achievements under circumstances where every mistake is costly and succeed in making the world a better place to live in. It is a known fact that we must use our resources as smart as we can, that […]повеќе »

The Jewish Cemetery of Bitola/Monastir

The Jewish Cemetery of Bitola/Monastir ‘BEIT HAIM’ (Home of the Living) was founded in 1497, only five years after their expulsion from Spain.  This is one of the oldest, if not the oldest Jewish Cemetery on the Balkans. It has served the Jewish community of Monastir for more than 400 years. During World War I, […]повеќе »

Innovation: All winter with only 3 cubic meters of wood

Jovica Perisic is an innovator from Pirot, Serbia who devised a solid fuel fireplace which uses less fuel. The fireplace uses 30 to 50% less firewood and causes less pollution. According to the innovator, the smoke that comes out of the fireplace is more like steam rather than the smoke coming out of the regular […]повеќе »

The Eiffel Tower and energy efficiency

The ambitious project for the reconstruction of the Eiffel Tower which the architect studio Moatti-Riviere started in 2012 will now also include the incorporation of wind and solar power in order to power the first floor of the building. Also, the first floor will employ LED lighting in order to save energy and place wind generators so that […]повеќе »

Urban solar farm

The designer Michael Jantzen has come up with an interesting projection of a self sustaining solar farm for growing food. It is best suited in an urban environment because its only source of power is the sun. The solar farm has a cylindrical shape composed of two parts. One is glass and the other is […]повеќе »

Passive houses

Passive houses are the newest standard in construction work which allows energy efficiency, comfort, economic viability, easily accessible, and at the same time environmentally friendly. The passive house isn’t a brand, but a concept which every company can modify. The houses have proven to be very practical and use 90% less energy than typical European buildings and […]повеќе »

The Western Balkans Sustainable Financing

Македонските приватни субјекти, јавни институции и општини може да аплицираат за новата кредитна линија во износ од 75 милиони евра во рамки на регионалната Програма за енергетска ефикасност за Западен Балкан (WEBSEFF) на ...повеќе »

BP Helios House

This is the BP Helios House. It is an eco-friendly gas station that sells gasoline, but it also helps educate the public on eco issues. Water: The House exceeds today’s eco-standards for collecting, filtering and distribution of water. The roof collects rain water which then goes through a series of filters in order to get […]повеќе »

The river Dragor

Градбата на камените брегови ("ѕидови" според битолската терминологија) и регулирањето на водотекот оди во етапи и трае со децении. За османската власт од XIX век, која валијатските објекти беше ги лоцирала околу Драгорот, кротењето и регулирањето стана една од примарните задачи...повеќе »