It will always be easier to speak rather than take action. But there are some who make amazing achievements under circumstances where every mistake is costly and succeed in making the world a better place to live in. It is a known fact that we must use our resources as smart as we can, that is why Mekorot, the company which supplies water to all Israel, accomplishes incredible triumphs and set a prime example on how to use our scarce resources.

mekorot_eng_0002_Layer-3The rational usage of our resources is the basis for efficiency, especially when the resources are hard to find. Israel’s situation has lead them to pioneering some groundbreaking technologies in order to use the natural resources. So there is no surprise that Mekorot is one of the leading companies in water distribution technology. The best examples for this are the 35 desalination plants which use sea water and then make it safe for household use. This water will cover 75% of the household needs and will be distributed to them via the newest and most advanced waterways. Also Mekorot is the leading company in the world for drilling and finding underground masses of water at a depth of 1.5 kilometers underground. But the most impressive of most accomplishments is that loss of water along all waterways is just 3%. In comparison the loss of water along all waterways in the Republic of Macedonia is over 50%. Besides the projects in Israel, Mekorot has projects in Cyprus, Argentina, Azerbaijan, India, Central Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries.

In October 2015 Mekorot will take part in organizing Watec 2015 in Tel Aviv. Watec 2015 is one of the biggest and most prestigious conferences for water quality and technologies to use it.

We can safely say that Mekorot succeeds in making Israel and the world a better place. With that Mekorot is reaching its ideal and is setting a great example on how to use water.



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