16.12.2015 was the day when an exhibition called Macedonian eye on Israel and Israeli eye on Macedonia was held in Bitola’s Center of Culture. As the title suggests, it was an exhibition of photographs made by two professional photographers from Macedonia and Israel. The goal was to show moments and places in both countries from their point of view, no instructions, in order to get a realistic picture of the countries they visited, i.e. how they saw them through their own eyes.

Many people were there to visit the event, public figures, and was also one of the events visited by the young Israeli ambaDSCF4611(1)ssadors from the Bnei Akiva youth organization and consequently a follow up on the activities related to the Memorial Park project. That itself means the exhibition was visited by the Mayor of Bitola Dr. Vladimir Taleski, Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia H.E. Dan Oryan, ARHAM’s members, the rest of the visitors from Israel, and many many others. As part of the manifestation, a choir from Bitola sang traditional Macedonian songs. As a response, the young men and women from Bnei Akiva had their own performance of traditional melodies. It all led to a joyful atmosphere and all in all a successful event.