Bitola/Monastir, June 10/11

THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS will be held in Bitola/Monastir on June 11th and 12th 2014 and organized by the Association for sustainable urban development ARHAM from Bitola/Monastir.

The objective of this conference is to promote engineering, economic and legal procedures for improving energy efficiency of buildings.

The participants of this conference are: engineers included in the project, the scientific community, institutions in charge of implementing energy policies and protecting the environment, users of public facilities, as well as professional organizations and civil associations which advocate energy efficiency.

The expectations are that this conference will raise public awareness on the necessity of improving energy efficiency, stimulating engineering research in this area,  assessing national and local energy efficiency legislature and elaborating the possibilities for financial and fiscal relief when constructing or reconstructing buildings with a high energy class.

In order to achieve these objectives we will hold 6 plenary sessions and promote the ‘Pelagonia Regional Center for Energy Efficiency’, as well as the new ‘Energy efficiency guide’.

The Conference will be a part of an international project sponsored by the EU. PROMOTION OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS & PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT sponsored by the EU and part of the Greece-Macedonia IPA Cross-Border program 2007-2013.