memorandum za sorabotka slika1 prezemena od republika.mkDecember 16 2015, was the day when the Memorandum of cooperation signed between the municipality of Bitola, Ambassador H.E. Dan Oryan and ARHAM – the initiator of the entire project idea was expanded. It happened symbolically in the Estreya Ovadia Mara kindergarten. Two members officially joined the project by signing this agreement – the Jewish Community of Macedonia and the Holocaust Fund of the Jewish people. The importance of the event is best exemplified by the presence of people such as Maty Grunberg (born in Skopje) – a world renowned artist who among other worked on John Lennon’s  albums, his wife, gradinka2Mr. and Mrs. Goldschmidt – world renowned film producers who were given a task by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a documentary about this story which begins with this cemetery, over 25 members of the largest youth organization in Israel – Bnei Akiva, representatives from the Bar Ilan University from Tel Aviv, and many others. In honor of this event, the Ambassador donated books from Israeli authors to the kindergarten’s library and there was a delightful performance by the children from the kindergarten which brought big smiles on the faces of the people present.