PEEPBE – Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Buildings & Protection of the Environment

The project started as a result of the successful cooperation between four partners: Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia (TEI) from Kozhani (Greece), Municipality of Resen, Municipality of Prespes (Greece) and our association ARHAM, two from each country as part of the Greece-Macedonia IPA Cross-Border program 2007-2013.

Under the motto SAVE ENERGY, PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT we actively joined the battle against climate change.

The main challenges we had to face were:

  • Reducing CO₂ emissions which cause the greenhouse effect
  • Reducing electricity expenses in public facilities
  • Developing as institutional framework for regional action in the field of energy efficiency
  • Boosting capacities of the public and private sector to improve energy efficiency
  • Raising awareness of the need, as well as the solutions on how to efficiently fight climate change.


Which steps did we take to achieve that?

We researched, measured, calculated, designed and implemented.

  • We conducted a detailed energy audit of 25 public buildings, 15 in Resen and 10 in Bitola
  • We gained international experience by participating in detailed audits of 25 public buildings in Prespes, Greece
  • We coordinated conducted research with the new legal methodology for energy control
  • We made a study on total energy efficiency, or the so-called zero-energy emissions, on a public building in Resen
  • We made ‘smart’ interventions for increased energy efficiency of a school – pilot public building in Resen


Afterwards we shared with the general public through project activities, created an interactive website, made and published guides for energy efficiency with valuable advice and useful information, organized a national conference for energy efficiency in buildings, organized seminars for raising public awareness and spreading our knowledge, conducted specialized training and…



At the end but not as an end, we established a Regional Center for Energy Efficiency which will be the continuation of this project for years to come.



Further details can be found on the project’s official website: