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16.12.2015 was the day when an exhibition called Macedonian eye on Israel and Israeli eye on Macedonia was held in Bitola’s Center of Culture. As the title suggests, it was an exhibition of photographs made by two professional photographers from Macedonia and Israel. The goal was to show moments and places in both countries from their point of view, no instructions, in order to get a realistic picture of the countries they visited, i.e. how they saw them through their own eyes.

Many people were there to visit the event, public figures, and was also one of the events visited by the young Israeli ambaDSCF4611(1)ssadors from the Bnei Akiva youth organization and consequently a follow up on the activities related to the Memorial Park project. That itself means the exhibition was visited by the Mayor of Bitola Dr. Vladimir Taleski, Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia H.E. Dan Oryan, ARHAM’s members, the rest of the visitors from Israel, and many many others. As part of the manifestation, a choir from Bitola sang traditional Macedonian songs. As a response, the young men and women from Bnei Akiva had their own performance of traditional melodies. It all led to a joyful atmosphere and all in all a successful event.

The cold weather didn’t stop the enthusiasm and optimism which could be felt in the air during the official ceremony marking the beginning of the project Memorial Park for the Jewish people from Monastir – Bitola. The hope is this project will create a future place of pride in Bitola, a true attraction and magnet for tourists, but also a display of the respect this city has towards its past citizens from Israel. opening ceremony1The ceremony was declared open by the project’s coordinator – Maria Geras Dochovska from ARHAM, and was followed by speeches from Macedonia’s Minister of Culture – Elizabeta Kancheska-Mileska, Minister Jerry Naumoff, H.E. Ambassador Dan Oryan, Bitola’s Mayor Dr. Vladimir Taleski, the President of Macedonia’s Jewish Community Berta Romano-Nikolikj and Shelly Levy Drummer from the Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. Many other public figures were present at the event, as well as the young ambassadors from Israel’s youth organization Bnei Akiva. The next step was the most important moment which officially marked the project’s commencement, the planting of 5 magnolia trees and 50 others along the Cemetery’s eastern wall. opening ceremony3

„This is a special day for me and for our people. What we started few months ago, continues now, the creation of a coalition between two nations“, said Ambassador Oryan.

The project itself envisages cleaning, restoring and preserving the Jewish Cemetery and creating a modern park which would include advanced technology and with it become a place for visitors, a destination for rest and relaxation for Bitola’s citizens, as well as a representation of urban development through sustainable solutions brought from one of the most advanced countries in the world – Israel.


Video from TV Orbis

Video from TV Orbis

memorandum za sorabotka slika1 prezemena od republika.mkDecember 16 2015, was the day when the Memorandum of cooperation signed between the municipality of Bitola, Ambassador H.E. Dan Oryan and ARHAM – the initiator of the entire project idea was expanded. It happened symbolically in the Estreya Ovadia Mara kindergarten. Two members officially joined the project by signing this agreement – the Jewish Community of Macedonia and the Holocaust Fund of the Jewish people. The importance of the event is best exemplified by the presence of people such as Maty Grunberg (born in Skopje) – a world renowned artist who among other worked on John Lennon’s  albums, his wife, gradinka2Mr. and Mrs. Goldschmidt – world renowned film producers who were given a task by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a documentary about this story which begins with this cemetery, over 25 members of the largest youth organization in Israel – Bnei Akiva, representatives from the Bar Ilan University from Tel Aviv, and many others. In honor of this event, the Ambassador donated books from Israeli authors to the kindergarten’s library and there was a delightful performance by the children from the kindergarten which brought big smiles on the faces of the people present.


Bitola/Monastir, June 10/11

THE NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS will be held in Bitola/Monastir on June 11th and 12th 2014 and organized by the Association for sustainable urban development ARHAM from Bitola/Monastir.

The objective of this conference is to promote engineering, economic and legal procedures for improving energy efficiency of buildings.

The participants of this conference are: engineers included in the project, the scientific community, institutions in charge of implementing energy policies and protecting the environment, users of public facilities, as well as professional organizations and civil associations which advocate energy efficiency.

The expectations are that this conference will raise public awareness on the necessity of improving energy efficiency, stimulating engineering research in this area,  assessing national and local energy efficiency legislature and elaborating the possibilities for financial and fiscal relief when constructing or reconstructing buildings with a high energy class.

In order to achieve these objectives we will hold 6 plenary sessions and promote the ‘Pelagonia Regional Center for Energy Efficiency’, as well as the new ‘Energy efficiency guide’.

The Conference will be a part of an international project sponsored by the EU. PROMOTION OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS & PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT sponsored by the EU and part of the Greece-Macedonia IPA Cross-Border program 2007-2013.


Битола, 10-11 Јуни 2014

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