1. Fair and 2. Conference in Vienna

Vienna Healthy Building and Energy Saving Fair on 12 – 15 February 2015  This winter ARHAM was part of BAUEN & ENERGIE WIEN, a fair for healthy building, renovating, security, spa facilities, financing and energy saving.  This trade fair boosts a strong focus on environmental and climate protection innovations. It is a very popular annual gathering for trade specialists […]

Drip irrigation system

It is easy to ignore major problems when we are not immediately affected by them. A prime example for this is the irrigation of agricultural areas. The most advanced and efficient watering systems can be found in the Near East region. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because the region is almost all desert and […]

Balkan Colony of Artisans Bitola 2015 – Ruslan Sergeev

The world renowned landscape designer Ruslan Sergeev’s exhibition was the one which opened the third Balkan Соlony of Artisans in Bitola. It was a five-day event where artisans from the Balkans and beyond had a chance to showcase their passion for handcraft. Ruslan Sergeev is an Israeli artist with Russian descent. He graduated the Academy […]

Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference

From 13-15th of October the  Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference 2015, in which ARHAM’s members will be active participants, will be held in Israel. WATEC Israel is a biennial exhibition taking place over three days. It offers the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing Water, Energy & Environment […]

Memorandum of cooperation

On August 17th 2015 a memorandum for reconstruction and conservation of the Jewish cemetery in Bitola/Monastir was signed between the Ambassador of Israel in Macedonia mr. Dan Oryan, the Mayor of Bitola/Monastir d-r Vladimir Taleski and Marijana Stefanovski from the Association for sustainable urban development ARHAM. The intention of this memorandum is to turn the Jewish […]

Бизнис план натпревар во рамки на Платформата за енергетска ефикасност

Студентите од економските и техничките факултети ќе се натпреваруваат во изработка на бизнис план со посебен осврт на енергетска ефикасност. На конкурсот што ќе биде објавен …

The Western Balkans Sustainable Financing

Македонските приватни субјекти, јавни институции и општини може да аплицираат за новата кредитна линија во износ од 75 милиони евра во рамки на регионалната Програма за енергетска ефикасност за Западен Балкан (WEBSEFF) на …