Balkan Colony of Artisans Bitola 2015 – Ruslan Sergeev

The world renowned landscape designer Ruslan Sergeev’s exhibition was the one which opened the third Balkan Соlony of Artisans in Bitola. It was a five-day event where artisans from the Balkans and beyond had a chance to showcase their passion for handcraft.

Scultura-insetto-gigante-designer-Ruslan-Sergeev-street-artRuslan Sergeev is an Israeli artist with Russian descent. He graduated the Academy of Art and Design in Minsk, Belarus and is known for over 90 scenic mosaic sculptures. His works of art are displayed in 9 unique parks of sculpture. This was his first visit to Macedonia and it further exemplifies two decades of growing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

During the time in Bitola he gave a master class to students as part of the colony. They had a chance to soak in some of his knowledge and learn more about the mosaic technique. A small sculpture of a lynx as the symbol of Bitola was built in the process.

ruslan sergeev sculptureReviews compare Sergeev to Antonio Gaudi, who architecturally transformed Barcelona with his unique and remarkable masterpieces. Sergeev is being said to have done the same with Israel. He draws his inspiration from Jerusalem, where many of his mosaics are on display. A tentative plan has been made for a 15-20 meter statue of a lynx that would decorate the city of Bitola with something never before seen on the Balkans. If there are no issues in the procedural part of the process and all the details can be arranged, the sculpture will be exhibited on a public place and should be an attraction for people of all ages.

Interview from TV Orbis.