From 13-15th of October the  Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition & Conference 2015, in which ARHAM’s members will be active participants, will be held in Israel.

WATEC Israel is a biennial exhibition taking place over three days. It offers the perfect opportunity to hear from and meet a range of growing Water, Energy & Environment companies seeking a combination of partners, investment and professional services to develop their companies. Every WATEC Israel event attracts thousands of water and wastewater professionals from around the world.

Screen-Shot-2013-02-19-at-2.13.32-PMIsrael has long played a major role in the Cleantech field, evolving from a nation of limited natural resources to a significant player in global sustainability. Making use of its highly educated workforce and vast experience in the hi-tech industry, the country has developed an industry, over 400 companies strong, dedicated exclusively to sustainable water, energy and environmental technologies.

Israel’s specific water needs have helped produce many significant developments:

  • Several of the World’s Largest RO Desalination Plants are located in Israel (Sorek and Hadera)
  • World Leadership in using Recycled Water (more than 80% of Agricultural Consumption)
  • One of the World’s most Advanced Systems of Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation
  • Unique Integrative Management of Varied Water Sources
  • Construction, Operation and Maintenance of the One-of-a-kind National Water Carrier
  • Advanced Solutions of Water Quality, Safety
  • Advanced Homeland Water Security Solutions

The Israeli Water Weekpapillon

“Out of the necessity of contending with difficult and adverse climate and geographical conditions and supported by its entrepreneurial culture, Israel has become a globally unique water solutions hub.

One of the most significant challenges in the global water arena is the reduction of pressure on natural water resources, among other resources, caused by rapid population growth, climate change and increased industrial activity. It is clear today that advanced technologies are the key to more efficient exploitation of natural resources (water, soil, energy & materials). It is estimated that new technologies and smart water solutions will contribute to the provision of almost two-thirds of the additional quantities of water required in future decades.

Bringing together Israeli & international business executives, water utility engineers, political decisions makers and leading researchers, WATEC 2015 promises to be a premier showcase for the most advanced technologies and solutions from Israel and around the world.”

an excerpt from WATEC 2015 Chairman’s Welcome Letter

Here’s a link to the event’s website: