On August 17th 2015 a memorandum for reconstruction and conservation of the Jewish cemetery in Bitola/Monastir was signed between the Ambassador of Israel in Macedonia mr. Dan Oryan, the Mayor of Bitola/Monastir d-r Vladimir Taleski and Marijana Stefanovski from the Association for sustainable urban development ARHAM.

The intention of this memorandum is to turn the Jewish cemetery in Bitola/Monastir into a memorial pFOTO-MEMORANDUM-18-AVGUSTark and by doing so saving it from the sands of time. It will be conserved with appropriate measures and activities taken to raise awareness of the significance of this memorial of great cultural and historic value. A platform for attracting more national and international partners for this project is envisaged, as well as international promotion of the site in order to strengthen the friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding between the two nations. The cemetery will get additional maintenance and preservation, a special arbored walk will be built and symbolically, as many trees will be planted as there were Jewish families once upon a time in Bitola/Monastir.

“The memorandum or the declaration is very important because it motivates us to work together, institutionally united, so Bitola’s/Monastir’s past will not be forgotten. Our only direction and plans are for the future, our wish is to bring many tourists to Bitola/Monastir so they can see and read about testimonials from the past. In this document we planned our future cooperation without neglecting the past and it will give a new impulse to our collaboration” – said ambassador Oryan.

The agreement was signed in Bitola’s/Monastir’s ‘NI Institute and Museum’ and was followed by the opening of an exhibition named ‘Here I Am’ – Israeli landscapes in illustrations from children’s books from 1948 to 2014 by Israeli illustrator Liora Grossman, a part of Bitfest 2015 – Bitola’s/Monastir’s annual summer festival.

Video from TV Tera.