There is so much a person wants to achieve in life, and so much more a person wishes to have.

We join our forces and organize together in order to make achieving what we have recognized as common goals easier and faster. That is how organized commitments are created.

Even we have determined our goals, not all of them can be realized immediately or fully. For some of the right time has passed and for others it hasn’t appeared yet.

Priorities need to be established in order to choose a realistic goal and develop the best possible solution for its realization. Once established the priorities become the foundation for shaping the desired reality.

Our priorities are:

» Sustainability – which is essential for achieving the desired urban growth

» Quality of life – which is a device for measuring the benefits of the achieved urban growth

» Innovation – which is the mechanism to be used for implementing contemporary European policies for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of our community

They are the focus of every our program, project or action plan.