Through innovative spatial and urban planning and design to sustainable and inclusive urban environments

80% of Europe’s citizens nowadays live in and around cities. That is why inadequate urban planning and design can have enormous consequences on their lives.

The European Union supports research and innovations that will provide tools and methods for more sustainable, more open, innovative, comprehensive urban and peri-urban planning and design.

This means that by encouraging innovation we are committed to understanding:

> the dynamics of urban communities and social change

> the cores of urban communities such as energy, environment, transport and use of land

> the interaction with surrounding rural areas

> the role innovative design has in the usage of public areas

> the social inclusion regarding migrations

Implementing innovations leads to reducing the urban risks and crime, creating new ways to relieve the pressure off of natural resources and stimulate sustainable economic growth at the same time improving citizens’ quality of life.

In 2013 the European Commission published a brochure titled: “Research and innovation on sustainable urban dynamics”. This brochure is the product of a one-day workshop called “Sustainable urban dynamics” as part of the preparations of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Horizon 2020 program. You can download the brochure here.